∞ MoreFlow: The Future of Fitness: App Design + Data


The New Year has always been a peak period for selling fitness equipment and memberships. But with the onset of smartphone, there’s a shift in the way we exercise and how we track what we’re doing.

The newest contender in the space is a simple iPhone app from a Finnish company called Moves. Moves launched on the iOS store yesterday amid much hype that it was taking on the likes of


∞ MoreFlow: The Minimalistic Social Network


One of the most well designed social networking apps of 2012 was definitely Circle.

The app is available for both iPhone an Android and is meant to be geolocational chat app for friends or networking.


While the homepage is nice and seems standard, the experience quick unfolds on the…


∞ Microsoft IllumiRoom CES 2013 Proof-of-Concept - IGN Video

The future of xbox console gaming… wicked #tech

∞ bitly blog: Hack at bitly’s API with our new class on Codecademy!



At bitly, we strongly believe in open APIs and want to make it as easy as possible for you to build awesome stuff. Today we’re excited to announce a partnership with Codecademy that will help newbie and expert developers alike use our API. Codecademy teaches the basics of programming and…


∞ MoreFlow: The Biggest Problem In App Discoverability For Startups


I read a great post a few weeks back by Gabor Cselle - the founder of reMail which sold to Google a few years back and most recently, DrawChat.

In the post he made something I’ve been thinking about recently very clear - how complex it is to find apps via your mobile phone.

This got…


∞ MoreFlow: Social Proof and Startups


As a first time visitor to your site (assuming I’m following a direct link to your site), my main interests in the first 30-45 seconds of seeing your homepage are:

1) Who are you?

2) What you offer?

3) How does that benefit me?

Making sure the value proposition is clear and the home page is…



Dave McClure has minions around the world. Fact or Fiction?

Here at Mcclure Facts we’ve been reporting some interesting stuff about THE MAN. Some of you have been kindly enough to help us on our journey to find facts or fictions about Dave McClure, like he never sleeps (thank you Bedy) or he knows you’re bullshitting him way before you open your mouth (thank you Dave).

Dave is always on the move, one day he’ll be in Chicago and the next one in São Paulo with a quick stop in Mexico for margheritas and chili. In the meantime he’s always looking for the next big thing to join his crew at Mountain View. But this isn’t enough, is it Dave? I mean even you have your own limits, right?

WRONG! And now this is getting interesting…

We’ve received reports from a portuguese startup, GoClapp, that a man appeared in their office in Startup Lisboa saying: “ Hi, I’m Dave Mcclure and I’ve heard great things about you”. And they even have pictures to back their story!

Although the guys from GoClapp didn’t seem very convinced they played along and showed the-so-called-Dave what they’ve been doing so far and why they want to get in 500 Startups.

This left us thinking for a moment and realized this could be a brilliant move from Dave, displacing look-alikes all over the world to check out what’s hot in the startup scene without showing up!

Way to go Dave-o!

If this is a true fact there can be hundreds of look alines roaming throughout the world so we´ve decided to held Dave McClure’s look alike competition.

Did you also get a Dave look alike knocking on your door lately? Do you have pictures? Send them to us, NOW!

Register or follow us on Twitter and get all the news about the competition.


∞ MoreFlow: The Timeline Boost: Visibility and User Acquisition


Facebook Timeline has been a powerful feature since day one. But coupled with Open Graph and more startups overlaying their app on the biggest social network in history, it’s no wonder Facebook can make or break your company…

Viddy’s “Timeline Bump” saw it surpass some big names in its rise…


∞ MoreFlow: Startups of the People: A New Generation of Community-Based Launches


There is an amazing new trend on the verge of coming of age in startup land: the community based, community created startup.

The two biggest examples that spring to mind and that have left the biggest shoes to fill are undoubtedly OUYA, Pebble Technologies and APP.net.


∞ MoreFlow: From 1.5 to 3 Million users using social sharing


Fab.com just recently announced another $105M investment after the $40M raised in December. What’s unique about this flash sale e-commerce site is it’s most prominent customer acquisition funnel: Social Sharing

Since January 2012, Fab has grown its total membership from 1.5 million to 3…



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